Josh Azzarella: Triple Feature

US artist Josh Azzarella unmakes classic films. He painstakingly extracts all signs of human presence through a frame-by-frame process of digital collage. Familiar scenes are turned into eerie, abandoned wastelands that encourage us to look beyond the content and consider the strange relationship between film, time and memory.  Triple Feature brings together Azzarella’s reconstructions of […]

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Artists: John Akomfrah (UK), Ed Atkins (UK), Marco Brambilla (Italy/US), Walead Beshty (US), Lauren Brincat (Australia), Thomas Demand (Germany), Simon Denny (New Zealand), Brian Eno (UK), Charles and Ray Eames (US), Andreas Gursky (Germany), Naeem Mohaiemen (Bangladesh/US), Adrian Paci (Albania), Alex Prager (US), Taryn Simon (US), and What We Found After You Left: A Project by […]

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Terminal Art

Gate 1 The empty airport is one of the most haunting and defining images of our time. As the coronavirus response enforced travel bans and closed borders, images of deserted airports have come to hold a set of often wildly contradictory ideas: the fragility of human existence, the failure or success of government responses to […]

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Terminal: Marco Brambilla, Thomas Demand, Charles and Ray Eames, Alex Prager

Marco Brambilla, Approach, 1999, video installation, 9mins Marco Brambilla’s Approach has been called ‘a love song to airport voyeurism’,[1] and ‘a kind of action-flick trailer’.[2] It turns a mundane moment of the airport experience—the thrusting of the long-haul traveller back into the world via the arrivals lounge—into a portentous rite of passage with a journey-across-the-River-Styx […]

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Terminal: John Akomfrah, Naeem Mohaiemen

John Akomfrah, The Airport, 2016, video installation, 53min UK artist John Akomfrah’s recent films give sprawling, elliptical form to the diasporic experience. They centre on contemporary issues rooted in histories and ideologies of empire, such as environmental destruction, religious persecution, economic collapse, and the refugee crisis. Untethering art’s historical relationship to power, Akomfrah mixes cultural […]

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Terminal: Ed Atkins, Walead Beshty, Simon Denny, Taryn Simon

Ed Atkins, Safe Conduct, 2016, video installation, 9min 4sec, Collection Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; Mervyn Horton Bequest Fund and German Foundation Tour 2018 A gross-out parody of airport instructional videos, Safe Conduct loops—violently, ominously, purposefully. Playing out across three video walls, it tracks a man slowly and torturously submitting to airport-security protocols […]

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News from the Sun: Harry Culy

Harry Culy was four years old when Hiroshi Sugimoto visited Aotearoa in 1990. The Japanese-American photographer made one of his signature seascapes at Napier’s Maraenui Beach, not far from the farm owned by Culy’s grandmother. Culy regularly visited the farm as a child, and now revisits and reimagines these experiences for his project Rose Hill. A […]

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News from the Sun: Introduction

Photography is ever present in J.G. Ballard’s fiction. Vaughan photographs car crashes as case studies for a new psychopathology in Crash (1973), the tower block’s inhabitants document the social chaos they succumb to in High Rise (1975), while Super-Cannes (2000) chronicles a modern world where surveillance cameras hang ‘like gargoyles’.[1] In The Atrocity Exhibition (1970), […]

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