Sometimes you have to listen to the higher powers, and to the artists. The exhibition Every Artist came out of a trip to the Sydney Biennale in 2020. We were in discussions with curator Sue Cramer about bringing Hilma af Klint’s paintings to City Gallery as part of an Australasian tour. This prospect sounded (and […]

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Red Scare

The glee was written right across Hugh’s face as he opened a closed fist to reveal a single red piece of LEGO. For fair reason. On Front of House duty during the exhibition Demented Architecture, he was one of many charged with overseeing the very specific and at times chaotic audience interaction with the work […]

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A Dark, Cold Maleficence

There is a lot to like about the ‘intellectually advanced’ ninth-graders in Sébastien Marnier’s film L’heure de la sortie (2018): the aloofness from their peers, their sociopathic behaviour, the sour faces pulled after their Gen X teacher describes their end-of-the-world nihilism as romantic bullshit, their Patti Smith songs, their short films documenting the atrocities of […]

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None of the art in this issue is about football, but it uses football’s microcosmic, reflective abilities to lay bare the world. I’ve finally got my hands on the latest issue of OOF—the art and football magazine. It is number four of the series, each football programme sized issue full of short, sharp pieces exploring […]

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When Harry met Hitchcock

Above: Harry Culy, Untitled Seascape #112, (black/black), The Gap, Vaucluse, Sydney, Australia, 2018. From the ongoing series The Gap, taken from an ocean cliff on the South Head peninsula in eastern Sydney—a site he photographed many times before discovering its dark history as a place where hundreds of people have taken their own lives. The […]

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In Transit: An Interview with Yona Lee

It’s as if a minimalist artist got a job at a futuristic transportation department. Yona Lee’s In Transit sculptures transform the utilitarian materials and objects of urban spaces and public transport systems—including hand rails, barriers, seats and fences—into elaborate linear structures that rearticulate gallery spaces and the experiences that take place there. Her project is […]

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Listening to Patrick Pound’s On Reflection

See the Patrick Pound exhibition.Hear the soundtrack. Patrick Pound: On Reflection is an exhibition about looking. Pound trawls eBay and other online sources for images and items to expand his collections. Each collection is based on a single idea: ‘wind blowing left’, ‘wind blowing right’, ‘the photographer’s shadow’, etc. There are plenty of existing images to […]

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High Rise

Zbiginew Libera’s Lego Concentration Camp Set has left Demented Architecture, destined for another exhibition, in Poland. As with the urban cityscape, nothing remains vacant for long, and a new structure has already risen up to take its place. Kirsty Lillico has added High Rise (2015), a third soft sculpture, to the exhibition. Made of carpet and from the floor plans […]

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